Auction next meeting

Portraits, Flags, and other items for AUCTION

Next meeting, Thursday March 26th


We will be auctioning off many portraits and other items graciously donated by Read Majors to benefit the 7th TN flag restoration fund. We will have a professional auctioneer to expedite the process as much as possible.

Come out and join us! Everyone, members and nonmembers alike are welcome!


Hatton Camp Turkey Shoot!

The Hatton Camp Turkey Shoot will be at 8:00 am to 2:00 PM on November 1st and December 13th at the Wilson County Fair Grounds.

Join us for a day of juicy prizes, shotguns, and fun!
Do NOT bring your own ammo, and make sure all weapons are unloaded and safe as you are bringing them onto the fairgrounds.

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Confederate Memorial Day 2014

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Photographs (click to enlarge)


Help save the 7th TN Infantry’s Flag!

Help us preserve part of Lebanon’s history!

Our camp has pledged to raise money to restore the 7th TN Infantry’s CSA flag; however, the process of restoring an old flag is a pains taking, difficult, and expensive process. The flag needs to be preserved for future generation to see and, hopefully, learn more about the 7th and the cause for which those men from Wilson County fought for during the War between the States.

Don’t let the flag be forgotten!

You can help save an important piece of history by donating to our 7th TN Flag Fund.

All Are Welcome! (cept Yankees)

Welcome to the new Hatton Camp web site!

Hello everyone, I am Jesse Forkum, web officer for Camp 723. I would like to share some of our future plans for the web site.

  • Ancestor of the Month: Every month a camp member can volunteer to write a little bit about their Confederate Ancestor. They can also send in pictures and have a page permanently on the site that honors their Ancestor. These would be accessible through the Archive which is detailed more below.
  • Lineage Archive: This would be a page filled with educational information, like stories of our ancestors or truths about the War for Southern Independence.
  • Virtual Newsletter: The Eyes and Ears will be accessible through the web site. Possibly integrating some sort of graphical interface that would allow one to flip through it like a book.
  • Donation Button: A page and form that would allow direct donations to Camp 723 without the hassle of paying cash.
  • And Much More To Come!